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Surrey Lake Park Did you know that Surrey Lake is a human-made lake? The lake helps with flood control, and varies in size between ten to twenty acres depending on the time of year and the amount of rainfall – that’s the equivalent of up to seven football fields! It also provides habitat for amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals. All of the fish in this lake have found their own way here from Bear Creek. In order to protect this sensitive habitat, please note that dogs and water sports (including fishing and boating) are not permitted in the lake. Surrey Lake Park is a great place to bird-watch. Birds of all sizes are drawn to the park’s habitats to find food, shelter and water. On a typical day you might see a Bald Eagle soaring above or a Marsh Wren perched on the swaying bulrushes with its characteristic tail sticking straight up. Relax at one of the benches by the lake to see all of the birds in action! If you’re lucky, you might even see an eagle swoop down to the lake to grab a fresh catch. The 2-km out-and-back loop from the parking lot is a combination of flat trails and gradual hills. For a shorter walk stick to the trail along the lake. Bring binoculars as you explore the lakeside, meadow, wetland, and forest!

7500 – 152 Street (park must be accessed from northbound 152 Street)



156 ST

B e a r C r e e k

0 100 200m



Surrey Lake

B e a r C r e e k

Eaglequest Golf

72 AVE

152 ST

152 ST


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