Nature Trails Brochure

Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve Park The Godwin family donated 26 acres of their property to the City of Surrey through Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program to create this park. Tom and Elaine Godwin purchased this land in 1969 and didn’t stop taking care of it since then. The family built and operated a farm, tended pasture fields, restored a salmon stream, constructed a pond and planted over 10,000 trees. For 45 years, the Godwins cared for this land and now they want to share it with you. Walk along the looping trails past a pond, through towering redwood trees, around a meadow, and along an orchard (feel free to enjoy a small taste). In the meadow, you’ll see a mini-barn where barn owls live. Bring your binoculars to catch a view from the trail. The park is also home to a 175-foot-tall Douglas-fir tree, a designated heritage tree over 180 years old. E Creek, a fish-bearing stream, runs through the park providing perfect habitat for fish, such as coho and chum salmon and resident cutthroat trout. A biodiversity preserve is an area preserved and protected for its variety of plants, animals and habitats; and the connections between them. Herons, owls and salmon are just a few of the animals that visit the park. To help protect wildlife and habitat, dogs are not permitted in the park.


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