Plan Surrey 2013: Official Community Plan


D2 POLICIES: General

D2 Hazard Lands

D2.1 Avoid development in areas subject to natu- ral hazards including flood-prone hazard lands and steep or unstable slopes (see Figure 38 and Figure 39) to reduce exposure to risk due to natural hazards. D2.2 Where development or building in areas subject to natural hazards is unavoidable, permit such development only where effec- tive protective measures are taken as certi- fied by a Qualified Professional (see DP2 of the Implementation Section of this OCP). D2.3 Work with the development and construc- tion industry, educational institutions, pro- fessional organizations, utility companies and other levels of government to make information on sustainable development costs, benefits and implementation practic- es readily available, easy to understand and applicable to the development environment in Surrey.

Reduce exposure to natural haz- ards through the appropriate loca- tion and design of development Natural hazards include such forces as flooding, landslides, land erosion, seismic movements and wildfires that threaten public safety and property. These hazards pose a greater concern in certain areas than others due to slope stability, soil con- ditions, floodplain elevations and proximity to sources of risk. Locating and designing development to reduce the risk of expo- sure to natural hazards is a key component of sustainability, ensuring public safety and reducing property loss.

In order to meet Objective D2, the City will:

Flooding challenges/hazards in Surrey can occur frequently in lowland areas.



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