Plan Surrey 2013: Official Community Plan


E3 POLICIES: Urban-Ag Interface

E3.22 Protect farming and agri-food operations from adjacent urban impacts such as traffic, flood- ing, nuisance complaints, trespassing and noxious substances. E3.23 Protect and enhance the interface between urban areas and the Agricultural Land Re- serve (ALR) by using fencing, landscaping buffers and building separations between urban and agricultural lands, in accordance with DP4 of the Implementation Section of this OCP. E3.24 Support density increases in areas adjacent to the ALR, as part of a comprehensively planned neighbourhood, where the required agricultural buffers are widened proportionally to the increase in density (see DP4 of the Implementation Section of this OCP), where cluster housing is used and where natural features such as watercourses, steep slopes, tree preservation, valuable ecosystems and sensitive soils are accommodated. E3.25 Support the growth and development of farm markets and stands selling local products directly to consumers.

E3.26 Carefully plan public areas and recreational trails in areas adjacent to farmland. Provide sufficient separation and physical barriers such as fencing, plantings and topographic features, to reduce conflicts between recrea- tional uses and farming. E3.27 Use Agricultural Disclosure Agreements, at various stages of development, adjacent to agricultural areas to increase awareness of owners about the presence and implications of living near agricultural activity. E3.28 Raise public awareness and promote and celebrate local agriculture in Surrey through initiatives such as farm tours, media materi- als, community events, and by encouraging partnerships with producer associations and grocery stores to promote local farm prod- ucts. E3.29 Explore agri-tourism opportunities for produc- ers to diversify their farm operations, create an identifiable brand, and sell more products and services directly to consumers.

Agricultural-Urban landscape buffers are used to reduce con- flicts between these two uses.



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