Spring Recreation Guide 2020

Aquatic Leadership & First Aid

Standard First Aid with CPR C and AED Sign up to learn standard first aid skills including wound care and how to recognize and respond to choking, bleeding, chest pain, stroke and shock. Includes CPR C and training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). CLOVERDALE 2 Sessions $150.60 14yrs+ F,Sa 9am–5pm Apr 10 17986 Sa,Su 9am–5pm May 9 17988 Sa,Su 9am–5pm Jun 13 17991 Cloverdale Recreation Centre FLEETWOOD 2 Sessions $150.60 14yrs+ Sa,Su 9am–5pm Apr 25 18795 Sa,Su 9am–5pm May 30 18808 Sa,Su 9am–5pm Jun 27 18812 Sport & Leisure - Arena GUILDFORD 2 Sessions $150.60 14yrs+ Sa,Su 9am–5pm Apr 18 18045 Sa,Su 9am–5pm May 23 18049 Fraser Heights Recreation Centre NEWTON 2 Sessions $150.60 14yrs+ Sa,Su 9am–5pm Apr 11 17996 Su,M 9am–5pm May 17 17999 Newton Recreation Centre NEWTON 2 Sessions $150.60 14yrs+ Sa,Su 9am–5pm May 2 18052 Sa,Su 9am–5pm Jun 6 18056 Operations Centre SOUTH 2 Sessions $150.60 14yrs+ Sa,Su 9am–5pm Apr 4 18022 Sa,Su 9am–5pm May 16 18026 Sa,Su 9am–5pm Jun 20 18037 South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre

National Lifeguard (NL) Core and Pool Option Learn what it takes to become a lifeguard, including lifeguarding principles and skills, fitness requirements and making judgement calls. Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid with CPR C required. FLEETWOOD 6 Sessions $344.10 16yrs+ Sa,Su,M 9am–5:30pm May 16 17947 Surrey Sport & Leisure - Aquatics GUILDFORD 6 Sessions $344.10 16yrs+ Sa,Su 9am–5:30pm May 30 17250 Guildford Recreation Centre SOUTH 6 Sessions $344.10 16yrs+ Su-F 9am–5:30pm Jun 21 17946 South Surrey Indoor Pool National Lifeguard (NL) Waterpark Option Learn to manage the challenges of a waterpark environment including waves, waterslides and multiple pools. National Lifeguard Pool and CPR C required. Proof of certification required. GUILDFORD 4 Sessions $243.60 16yrs+ F-M 9:30am–4pm Apr 10 17097 Guildford Recreation Centre Aquafit Instructor Module Learn what it takes to become an aquafit instructor. Discover how to create and lead classes, plan for different fitness levels, and work with music. Fitness Theory Course required. FLEETWOOD 3 Sessions $205.20 19yrs+ Sa 8am–3pm May 2 18985 Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex



The City of Surrey Aquatic Leadership & First AidTraining program offers all the courses you need to become a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Providing the highest standards of excellence in training and instruction, our quality, affordable, hands‑on courses are certified by the Lifesaving Society, the Canadian Red Cross, and British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA). LOOKING FOR A REWARDING AND EXCITING JOB? Well‑trained Swimming instructors & Lifeguards are in high demand. Make an investment in yourself and your future with City of Surrey’s certified Aquatic Leadership & First AidTraining. WHY BECOME A SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR/ LIFEGUARD? Aquatic Recreation is an exciting and rewarding field that is filled with excellent career development opportunities. As a certified Aquatic Recreation professional, you can: have a rewarding and exciting job that offers great pay and flexible hours teach swimming lessons and water safety develop valuable lifelong leadership and communication skills earn high school credits Bronze Cross – two (2) grade 11 credits Water Safety Instructor – two (2) grade 11 credits Lifesaving Instructor – one (1) grade 11 credit National Lifeguard – two (2) grade 12 credits make a difference in the lives of others work in a positive team environment have fun

PLEASE NOTE: Course times vary with the multiple dates. Check your receipt for complete date and time listing.

SECOND TRY ASSURANCE If you fail a course (excludes recertifications), you may retake the course one additional time for just the cost of the examination fee.To be eligible, 100% attendance, participation, completion of all assignments and a good attitude throughout the course is required.

Aquateers J O I N T H E

Not applicable to program withdrawals. SecondTry Assurance Form is required.

Aquateers are volunteers who assist with swimming lessons, special events, and aquatic fitness classes. Whether it’s leading the public in water games, providing support with stroke correction and water safety or gaining valuable instructor experience, Aquateers learn new skills while having fun. Volunteer where you want to work and be part of the team, whether you’re working towards becoming a lifeguard or simply love being at the pool.

Gain confidence interacting with children and parents Develop valuable lifelong leadership and communication skills Positive team environment Be healthy, active and engaged Have fun!

Earn school credits for volunteer experience Create relationships with a potential employer Wide variety of shifts and flexible hours Learn from our highly trained staff

volunteer@surrey.ca | 604-598-5863 | surrey.ca/volunteer


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