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Sport for Life The City of Surrey sport programs are anchored in the Sport for Life philosophy. The purpose of the Canadian Sport for Life Movement is to improve the quality of sport and develop physical literacy. Sport for Life links sport, education, recreation, health and governments to align community, provincial, and national programming.

Introduction to Sport Join your child as they learn about teamwork, confidence, leadership and fair play in this introduction to physical activity and sport. GUILDFORD 8 Sessions $36.80 2-3yrs Sa 9:30am–10:15am Apr 18 20927 GUILDFORD 8 Sessions $49.20 3-5yrs Sa 10:30am–11:15am Apr 18 20930 Fraser Heights Recreation Centre NEWTON 8 Sessions $61.60 6-12yrs W 4pm–5pm Apr 15 17380 Newton Recreation Centre SOUTH 9 Sessions $41.40 1.5-3yrs F 9am–9:45am Apr 17 18729 SOUTH 8 Sessions $36.80 1.5-3yrs Sa 9am–9:45am Apr 18 18703 SOUTH 9 Sessions $41.40 2-3yrs Tu 10am–10:45am Apr 14 18711 W 9am–9:45am Apr 15 18724 F 11am–11:45am Apr 17 18736 SOUTH 9 Sessions $55.35 3-4yrs W 10am–10:45am Apr 15 18790 SOUTH 8 Sessions $49.20 3-4yrs Sa 10am–10:45am Apr 18 18762 SOUTH 9 Sessions $55.35 3-5yrs F 10am–10:45am Apr 17 18796 F 5pm–5:45pm Apr 17 18801 SOUTH 9 Sessions $55.35 4-5yrs Tu 11am–11:45am Apr 14 18781 South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre Multi-Sport Experience a world of sport with this program that teaches basic rules for a variety of sports. All skill levels and abilities welcome. NEWTON 7 Sessions $75.25 6-12yrs M 3:30pm–5pm Apr 20 17387 Newton Recreation Centre Skateboarding An introduction to skateboarding. Learn about safety and park play rules while practicing the most popular skateboarding tricks like ollies, slides, shove-its flips and more. All skill levels and abilities welcome. WHALLEY 6 Sessions $64.50 6-9yrs M 3:30pm–5pm May 4 4651025 WHALLEY 6 Sessions $64.50 10-12yrs M 5:15pm–6:45pm May 4 4651026 Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre Boccia Adapted Learn the basics of boccia through games and activities. Boccia is a Paralympic sport for persons with physical disabilities and is adapted to be played in a gym with custom balls and equipment. Program delivered in 6yrs+ M 4:15pm–5:30pm Apr 20 16062 Newton Recreation Centre partnership with SportAbility. NEWTON 8 Sessions $61.60

Try-It! Lawn Bowling The Surrey Lawn Bowling Club is

offering a free try-it session at Clayton Park! After the try-it session, you can sign up for beginner lessons! Included with the lesson fee, there will be a mini tournament to put your skills to practice! CLOVERDALE 1 Session Free 55yrs+ May 11 6pm–7:30pm May 11 29303 CLOVERDALE 4 Sessions $25 55yrs+ W, Th 6pm–7:30pm May 13 29308 MINI TOURNAMENT Saturday, May 23 1pm Clayton Park Fencing Sign up your child to learn about fencing, a graceful, dueling sport based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship. Instructors will go over safety, general rules, footwork and bladework. Full protective gear provided. GUILDFORD 8 Sessions $124 6-12yrs Sa 1:30pm–3pm Apr 18 19389 GUILDFORD 8 Sessions $124 13-18yrs Sa 11:45am–1:15pm Apr 18 19386 GUILDFORD 8 Sessions $124 19yrs+ Sa 11:45am–1:15pm Apr 18 19385 Guildford Recreation Centre Gymnastics Sign up your child for gymnastics. Participants will learn basic gymnastic skills and terminology, and explore a variety of movements that build coordination, balance and flexibility. All skill levels and abilities welcome. SOUTH 9 Sessions $69.30 5-7yrs Th 3:30pm–4:30pm Apr 16 18498 Th 5:30pm–6:30pm Apr 16 18612 SOUTH 8 Sessions $61.60 5-7yrs Sa 1:30pm–2:30pm Apr 18 18909 SOUTH 9 Sessions $69.30 8-10yrs Th 4:30pm–5:30pm Apr 16 18596 SOUTH 8 Sessions $61.60 8-10yrs Sa 2:30pm–3:30pm Apr 18 18912 South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do - Beginner Work on increasing muscle conditioning, flexibility, and coordination while progressing at your own pace in this low- impact class. Classes focus on traditional Tae kwon Do and street self defense. All skill levels and abilities welcome. GUILDFORD 22 Sessions $135.30 6-12yrs Th 5:45pm–6:45pm Apr 9 20926 Sa 11:15am–12:15pm GUILDFORD 24 Sessions $147.60 13-18yrs Tu 8:15pm–9:15pm Apr 7 20984 F 7pm–8pm GUILDFORD 24 Sessions $117.60 19yrs+ Tu 8:15pm–9:15pm Apr 7 19662 F 7pm–8pm Guildford Recreation Centre


PHYSICAL LITERACY "Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life." - The International Physical Literacy Association, May 2014 Why develop Physical Literacy? Physical literacy increases physical activity, which increases personal success: educational success, cognitive skills, mental health, psychological wellness, social skills, healthy lifestyle habits, physical health, physical fitness Practice Fundamental Movement Skills in Recreation Surrey sport programs… to be Active for Life. BODY CONTROL .agility, balance, coordination, speed, rhythm, and more LOCOMOTOR .running, jumping, swimming, wheeling,

skating and more OBJECT CONTROL .sending, receiving, dribbling, striking, kicking and more

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