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Ballet - Primary and Level 1 Following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, focus is on imagination and learning through creative play. Instruction led by Phoenix School of Dance. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 5–7yrs F 5pm–6pm Apr 22 136761 Clayton Community Centre Ballet - Level 2-3 Following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus levels 2 and 3, students in this class will gain confidence in their basic ballet movements. Focus is on technique and performance quality. Instruction led by Phoenix School of Dance. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 8–11yrs F 3:45pm–4:45pm Apr 22 136759 Clayton Community Centre popular, traditional Punjabi dance. Kids learn basic Bhangra steps. Instructor speaks English and Punjabi. NEWTON 8 Sessions $50.80 3–5yrs W 4:45pm–5:30pm Apr 20 132386 NEWTON 8 Sessions $63.20 6-12yrs W 5:45pm–6:45pm Apr 20 132388 Newton Seniors Centre Introduction to Hip Hop Infusing the latest styles of street dance. Learn hip hop technique, choreography, and personal style. Dancers will develop musicality, and coordination and creativity. Music and choreography is kept age appropriate. Instruction led by Phoenix School of Dance. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 5–7yrs M 5pm–6pm Apr 11 136746 CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 8–11yrs M 3:45pm–4:45pm Apr 11 136744 CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 12–15yrs M 6:15pm–7:15pm Apr 11 136750 Clayton Community Centre Hip Hop Learn some new dance moves with this introduction to hip hop dance. No dance partner or previous dance experience is necessary. Comfortable clothing is recommended. NEWTON 7 Sessions $44.45 11–16yrs Sa 2pm–3pm Apr 23 132393 Newton Recreation Centre SOUTH 8 Sessions $63.20 6–9yrs W 3pm–4pm Apr 6 132648 SOUTH 8 Sessions $63.20 8–10yrs W 4pm–5pm Apr 6 132650 SOUTH 8 Sessions $63.20 10–12yrs W 5:15pm–6:15pm Apr 6 120975 South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre Bhangra Sign up your child to learn this

Playworkers Explore the art of storytelling and acting with a team. Stimulate your imagination. Develop, act, and narrate a fairy tale of your own creation!This course focuses on building trust and confidence—valuable skills for both on and off stage. Instruction led by the Royal CanadianTheatre Company. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $125.20 8–12yrs Tu 3:30pm–4:30pm Apr 12 136771 CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $125.20 13–18yrs Tu 4:45pm–5:45pm Apr 12 136772 Clayton Community Centre Young Playwrights Lab Do you like to tell stories? Do you ever watch movies or see plays and wish you could create stories like the ones you see unfold? Learn the fundamentals of story, structure, and stage directions for the theatre in this class. Explore your own creative interests with mentorship and instruction from a professional theatre artist so that you can write wholly unique stories for the stage. Surrey Arts Centre instructors are practicing artists and experienced art-educators. WHALLEY 7 Sessions $75.60 9–12yrs W 5:45am–6:45am Apr 13 134813 Surrey Arts Centre Acting for the Camera Sign up your child to experience the excitement of acting on camera. Led by professional actor and filmmaker Orsy Szabo in a fast-paced, fun and informative style for students interested in film work. WHALLEY 8 Sessions $172.80 10–15yrs Th 4pm–6pm Apr 14 134801 Surrey Arts Centre feet, and get ready to laugh together. This class is less about being funny, and more about responding to each other as a team. We will also focus on acting, dancing and quick-thinking impov skills. Instruction led by the Royal CanadianTheatre Company. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $125.20 13–18yrs Tu 6pm–7pm Apr 12 136773 Clayton Community Centre Adults Acting Out Receive tailored instruction in the fundamentals of acting for the stage whether a beginner or experienced actors. Fun while also challenging, you will refine your acting techniques as well as develop skills that are incredibly useful in your everyday life; from work place presentations, to confidence building and more! Build you skillset through games, exercises, monologues and scene work with the possibility for future performances for those interested! WHALLEY 8 Sessions $172.80 19yrs+ Tu 5:30pm–7:30pm Apr 12 134803 Surrey Arts Centre Improv Club Act in the moment, think on your

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Jazz and Hip Hop Sign up your child to learn the latest jazz and hip hop dance moves. Kids are taught basic modern dance steps and choreography. FLEETWOOD 7 Sessions $55.30 6–12yrs F 6pm–7pm Apr 22 136801 Fleetwood Community Centre GUILDFORD 5 Sessions $39.50 6–12yrs Tu 5:45pm–6:45pm Apr 5 136430 Tu 5:45pm–6:45pm May 17 136648 Fraser Heights Recreation Centre Jazz and Lyrical Dance Join this fun, high energy class that combines the worlds of jazz and lyrical dance which brings together turns, jumps and kicks with expressive ballet technique. Ballet is recommended to strengthen technique. Instruction led CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 8–11yrs Th 3:45pm–4:45pm Apr 14 136754 CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 12–15yrs Th 6:15pm–7:15pm Apr 14 136756 Clayton Community Centre Really Uncoordinated Dancers - Free Trial Go through a typical dance class with a physical warm-up, some simple musical theatre inspired choreography, and then a cool down at the end. Enjoy this low pressure, off-the-hook fun, and get inspired to dance with Surrey CivicTheatres this season! WHALLEY 1 Session $0 19yrs+ Tu 6pm–7:30pm Apr 12 134782 Surrey Arts Centre Want the joy of dancing without the pressure of being any good?Then this class is for you. Our professional dance instructor will lead the lead- of-foot but joyful-of-heart through a MusicalTheatre/Jazz style dance class breaking everything down to its simplest components. Whether you’re brand new to dance or want to return to the basics, this class is low pressure off-the-hook fun. A typical class involves a warm-up, then technique building, followed by choreography, and finally, a cool-down. WHALLEY 6 Sessions $62.10 19yrs+ Tu 6pm–7:30pm Apr 19 134791 Surrey Arts Centre Bollywood Dance Pretend you’re in a Bollywood movie in this energetic dance class and learn Bollywood dance moves. No dance experience required. NEWTON 8 Sessions $50 19yrs+ W 7pm–8pm Apr 20 132389 Newton Recreation Centre Really Uncoordinated Dancers by Phoenix School of Dance. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $120 5–7yrs Th 5pm–6pm Apr 14 136755

Hawaiian Dance - Beginner Explore the gentle movements of Hawaiian dance. No dance experience necessary. FLEETWOOD 11 Sessions Member $77.55 Non-member $103.40 55yrs+ M 10:30am–12pm Apr 11 137857 Fleetwood Community Centre NEWTON 7 Sessions Member $49.35 Non-member $65.80 55yrs+ Tu 1:15pm–2:45pm Mar 29 129777 NEWTON 6 Sessions Member $42.30 Non-member $56.40 55yrs+ Tu 1:15pm–2:45pm May 17 129782 Newton Recreation Centre Line Dance - Beginner Learn line dancing basics, dance combinations and routines. No partneror experience needed. NEWTON 6 Sessions Member $27.30 Non-member $36.60 55yrs+ W 10:30am–11:30am Apr 6 128038 W 10:30am–11:30am May 18 128040 Newton Recreation Centre Line Dance - Intermediate Have fun building on line dance combinations learned in Line Dance - Beginner. NEWTON 6 Sessions Member $27.30 Non-member $36.60 55yrs+ W 11:45am–12:45pm Apr 6 128041 W 11:45am–12:45pm May 18 128042 Newton Recreation Centre Drama Sign up your child to learn about the world of drama. Kids are introduced to drama exercises, games, theatre sports, play building and improvising. NEWTON 8 Sessions $63.20 6-12yrs Sa 12:15pm–1:15pm Apr 23 133901 Newton Recreation Centre Imagination Creations This introductory acting class gives children a chance to explore their creativity on stage!Through fun and engaging exercises, children will learn about the basics of theatre, and acting techniques such as creativity, focus, teamwork, and characters. WHALLEY 7 Sessions $113.40 6–9yrs W 4pm–5:30pm Apr 13 134810 Surrey Arts Centre THEATRE AND ACTING

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