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PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION Preschool for the 2022/2023 school year starts in September! HAVE YOU SECURED YOUR SPOT?



PRESCHOOL 2021-2022 Preschool programs are based on responsive curriculum where the educators offer an exciting, reflective program based on children’s interests. Our approach focuses on the five areas of healthy child development: social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive. Based on our responsive approach, programs include various learning opportunities, engagement in open ended activities, free plan and exploration - all concepts that align with the communication, thinking and social competencies that are the core of the new Provincial school curriculum.

Spring Fun Sign your child up to participate in some spring-themed fun. Kids will create crafts, play games and sing songs. CLOVERDALE 1 Session $10.60 6–12yrs Sa 12:30pm–2pm May 14 134827 Cloverdale Recreation Centre 3–5yrs Sa 10:30am–12pm Apr 23 136926 Fleetwood Community Centre NEWTON 1 Session $10.60 6–12yrs Sa 1pm–2:30pm Apr 16 134965 Newton Recreation Centre 3–5yrs W 2:15pm–3:45pm Mar 30 132411 SOUTH 1 Session $10.60 6–9yrs W 4:15pm–5:45pm Mar 30 132416 Kensington Prairie Community Centre Bug Detectives Put on your detective hats to follow the bug trail with your toddler. Discover their stages of life and learn about their habitats. Parent/guardian participation required for children under 3 years old. CLOVERDALE 1 Session $6.45 2–3yrs Sa 9am–10am May 14 134369 CLOVERDALE 1 Session $10.60 3–5yrs Sa 10:30am–12pm May 14 134375 Cloverdale Recreation Centre 3–5yrs W 8:45am–10:15am Apr 6 132423 Kensington Prairie Community Centre FLEETWOOD 1 Session $10.60 SOUTH 1 Session $10.60 SOUTH 1 Session $10.60

OUR APPROACH The City of Surrey’s play-based preschool programs are designed to reflect the image of the child: one who is curious, capable, creative and confident. We look to inspire our children to work and learn both collaboratively and independently according to their interests. Our responsive programs align with the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum, and strive to set a foundation of success for the child, both in school and in life. In the City of Surrey, our Preschool approach provides: High quality and affordable programs Personalized learning Valuable social experiences Discover the Difference QUALITY As a recipient of the Province of BC’s Child Care Award of Excellence, we are committed to providing the highest quality programs, facilities and experiences. VALUE Our program fees are amongst the lowest in the city with options for discounted and free programs. CHOICE We offer a wide variety of programs in 24 convenient locations across the city. STAFF Our certified Early Childhood Educators and instructors specialize in leading quality programs to help children reach their full potential in a positive, welcoming and safe environment.


Non-Licensed Preschool Introduce your child to preschool with this structured program that consists of play activities, circle time, story telling, arts and exploration. Parent/guardian participation required. CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $73.60 16–36mos M 9am–10:30am Apr 18 148770 F 9am–10:30am Apr 22 134340 CLOVERDALE 8 Sessions $134.80 3–5yrs M 11am–1pm Apr 18 151600 F 11am–1pm Apr 22 134345 Don Christian Recreation Centre SOUTH 8 Sessions $71.60 2–4yrs W 10am–11:30am Apr 20 132066 F 10am–11:30am Apr 22 132067 Kwomais Point Park SOUTH 6 Sessions $53.70 2–4yrs Sa 9:30am–11am Apr 23 136643 South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre

Affordable Child Care Benefit

FarmTots: Spring Flowers

Families may qualify for financial assistance.

April showers bring May flowers! Discover the flowers growing in our garden, sing songs and play games to celebrate springtime. Parent/guardian participation required. SOUTH 1 Session $5.60 Up to 5yrs Th 10:30am–11:30am Apr 7 134642 F 10:30am–11:30am Apr 8 134644 Historic Stewart Farm

The Affordable Child Care Benefit is a monthly payment to help eligible families with the cost of child care. Factors like income, family size, and type of care determine how much support families can get. Families need to renew their application every year.


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