2018-19 City of Surrey Engineering Goals and Accomplishments


2019 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Engineering Department

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MESSAGE FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER Thank you, staff, for your tremendous work throughout 2019 which made it another successful year where our Department continued to provide service excellence to our community. At the start of the year, our leadership team established nearly 150 Strategic Initiatives for 2019 to endeavor for the City’s vision of a Thriving, Green and Inclusive City. Our initiatives were comprehensive and focused on the four Surrey Excels This year, staff finalized the Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS) while securing $77 Million in federal funding for our Disaster Adaptation Mitigation Fund (DMAF). This was the largest funding ever received by the City. With this funding, and in collaboration with multiple external agencies, our CFAS has led to the City’s $178 Million DMAF Program which will see our staff deliver numerous capital projects over the next eight years to increase resiliency of our infrastructure to mitigate impacts of sea level rise and climate change.

lenses of Surrey Citizens , City Funds , Our Processes and Our People . This Annual Report highlights some of the key initiatives we accomplished in 2019 – all of which were achieved through our staff’s dedication, collaboration, teamwork, and innovative approaches to service our community. 2019 was a year in which our Department exemplified incredible change management skills as we delivered objectives of our new Council while completing long-range strategic plans that set the stage for climate change and sustainability initiatives for future years. Collectively, we successfully transitioned from LRT to SkyTrain on Fraser Highway and worked collaboratively with TransLink to deliver a concept design and favourable business case. Staff have supported Council’s principles of smart development, streamlined processes to improve service delivery, and established three new social housing sites.

This year our Department also led various safety and health initiatives for our staff, and we were the recipient of numerous prestigious awards that recognized our innovation, dedication to continuous improvement and service delivery. Amongst the award winners was our excellence in Snow and Ice Winter Maintenance, our Vision Zero Safe Mobility Plan and our CFAS for climate resilience. Looking forward to 2020, our Strategic Initiatives will continue to focus on securing final approvals and commencing procurement for SkyTrain, streamlining processes to improve service levels, delivery of our DMAF and capital program, and developing various strategic plans and climate action measures that will support the City’s broader objectives. Thank you for your collective support to help our Department achieve our accomplishments and for your continued commitment to our citizens.

Scott Neuman General Manager, Engineering Department




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Land Development Development Services Coordinate the site servicing of all land development projects and building permits. Inspection Services Provide field monitoring of all development site servicing. Client Services Provide customer reception, file registry, telephone and counter services. Operations Streets Operations Maintenance and operations of road systems. Wastewater, Stormwater & Construction Operation and maintenance of sewer system, and capital construction. Pumps & Controls Operation and maintenance of City pump stations. Water Operations Operation and maintenance of water system, and water quality testing. Solid Waste Solid waste and recycling collection. Fleet & Garage Fleet and equipment, and snow and ice control. Business Operations Operations contracts. Realty Services Appraisal & Park Acquisition Manage the Park Acquisition systems, and purchase property for the Parkland Acquisition Program. Realty Assets & Support Services Manage the City’s real estate portfolio, and dispose of surplus City land and roads.

Property Acquisition & Conveyancing Acquire property for the Engineering Capital Construction Program and other civic needs, and purchase property for the Parkland Acquisition Program. Utilities District Energy Manage the delivery of the District Energy strategy, and manage the design and construction of clean energy projects. Sewer Manage existing sewer systems, and plan for new sewer services. Water Manage existing water systems, and plan for new water services. Drainage Manage existing drainage systems, and plan for new drainage services. Environment Oversee environmental responsibilities for the Engineering Department that include stream corridor management, contaminated sites, terrestrial habitat and biodiversity. Transportation Transportation Planning Lead transportation policy, strategic and land development planning, agency liaison and capital planning for all travel modes. Traffic Management Plan, manage and maintain traffic control devices including signals, streetlights, signage and traffic calming, and regulate standards. GIS Provide Geographic Information Services to visualize, analyze, interpret and manage data, and develop CityWorks and COSMOS. Parking Services Manage parking policy, planning, and operations, street furniture advertising, Electric Vehicle charging and new technologies.

SRY Rail Link Serpentine Bridge Replacement

Road Safety Provide data analysis, planning and implementation of a safe systems approach to road safety, including partner collaboration. Transportation Infrastructure Manage annual/short-term transportation plans and capital programming, rebuild road infrastructure, asset funding and budget management. Design and Construction Design & Construction Deliver infrastructure capital program for roads, water, sewer and drainage. Survey Provide legal and Engineering survey services, and manage and maintain survey infrastructure records. Rapid Transit & Strategic Projects Act as the City’s liaison with various levels of government on advancing key regional transportation projects such as Surrey- Langley SkyTrain. Engineering Communications Develop and help implement communications, marketing, media and community engagement strategies for the Engineering Department.



6 Surrey Operations Yard


STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE A1: Increase citizens’ satisfaction with the services we deliver

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE A3: Increase citizens’ economic opportunities, sense of safety and belonging ƒ ƒ Completed the Vision Zero Surrey Safe Mobility Plan and launched inaugural year of creating safer streets with stakeholder Summit, education and engagement events, resulting in road safety award from the Institute of Transportation Engineers. ƒ ƒ Responded to the needs of the City’s homeless and vulnerable population by commencing construction of Surrey’s first modular housing site and securing supportive housing shelter facility that accommodates 40 new beds. ƒ ƒ Expanded the Road Weather Information System , with 10 new stations to enable predictive snow and ice road condition forecasting and continuously improve winter maintenance activities.

ƒ ƒ Supported Metro Vancouver with RFQ/RFP procurement documents for the Residential Drop Off/ Eco Centre site in Newton to support the City’s waste diversion goals. ƒ ƒ Implemented the Advanced Traveller Information System which integrates the City’s network of 360 degree intersection cameras, traffic signals, Bluetooth sensors and dynamic message signs to help motorists make more informed decisions on travel routes to City Centre.

Strategic Objective A2: Protect and enhance our natural and built environments

ƒ ƒ Successfully transitioned to implement Surrey-Langley SkyTrain including completion of design, business case and public engagement activities. ƒ ƒ Supported numerous clean-up and large item drop-off initiatives as part of the City’s inaugural “ Love Where You Live ” campaign to keep the City beautiful and clean. ƒ ƒ Developed the Surrey Truck Parking Strategy to help address the long standing truck parking issue with up to 1700 new authorized truck parking spaces in Surrey. ƒ ƒ Managed the Surrey Biofuel Facility to process the City’s organic waste into 70,000 gigajoules of renewable natural gas.




STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE B1: Foster responsible spending and accountability

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE B3: Ensure that we address short and long-term needs

ƒ ƒ Delivered a $70 million capital construction program on budget and on schedule, with 20 tenders issued in 2019. ƒ ƒ Conducted a market assessment to identify innovative opportunities and more cost- effective ways to deliver capital projects and programs. ƒ ƒ Executed Year 4 of the 5-year plan to increase Engineering Operations overall efficiency by 25% - reaching a rate of 22% and on target to achieve 25% by Q4 2020. ƒ ƒ Completed substantial construction of the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station at the Operations Centre to improve operational efficiency and provide expanded service. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE B2: Grow City revenue and reduce expenditures through innovation ƒ ƒ Secured the City’s largest ever funding grant —$77 Million — through the federal Disaster Mitigation Adaption Fund , moving forward a suite of 13 capital projects to make the City more resilient in the face of climate change and sea level rise. ƒ ƒ Completed construction and commissioning of the West Village Energy Centre , increasing district energy customers serviced by Surrey City Energy to 27 million square feet of buildings. ƒ ƒ Secured a city-wide, 20-year Operating Agreement with FortisBC which will provide increased collaboration, operational efficiencies and financial savings to the City. ƒ ƒ Implemented Phase 3 of the LED Street Light Replacement Program , bringing the total number of street lights replaced to 18,400 and resulting in financial savings and increased sense of safety.

ƒ ƒ Completed an infrastructure assessment and risk framework which sets the foundation for finalizing the Department’s Sustainable Service Delivery plan (asset management) by Q4 of 2020. ƒ ƒ Installed 48 weather and environmental monitoring stations across the City to collect real-time data to aid in examining and monitoring how changing climate patterns may affect drainage service delivery. ƒ ƒ Finalized the Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS) which identifies a series of prioritized actions to adapt to or mitigate the impacts from sea level rise.



STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE C3: Enhance strategic community engagement

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE C1: Streamline processes to improve services

ƒ ƒ In conjunction with TransLink, successfully completed two rounds of Surrey-Langley SkyTrain public engagement , reaching over 30,000 attendees throughout the various events and achieving a favourable 80-85% support rate for the project. ƒ ƒ Executed a pilot program at the Surrey Biofuel Facility Education Centre that included interactive, educational programming for 185 school tours, reaching 3,700 students.

ƒ ƒ Worked with the Planning& Development Department to implement efficiencies to reduce building permit wait times from 21 weeks to 10 weeks. ƒ ƒ Supported the creation and launch of a Resident Satisfaction Survey to assess various operational services. ƒ ƒ Delivered AMANDA process improvements , including a contractor violation and commercial module for the Engineering Department’s Building Permit component.

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE C2: Encourage innovation and collaboration in our work

ƒ ƒ Received three awards recognizing initiatives and demonstrated excellence in innovation, teamwork and collaboration by Sewer Operations, GIS and Transportation Planning staff through the inaugural Surrey Employee Excellence Awards . ƒ ƒ Continued to develop and integrate a three-year land acquisition model within the Engineering Department’s annual capital construction program.




STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE D3: Cultivate a safe, desirable and engaging workplace

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE D1: Leverage technology to improve service delivery

ƒ ƒ Implemented the six points from Engineering Operation’s 2019 Occupational Health and Safety program , including the Call It Out awareness campaign and new Welcome Home signs for staff returning to the Operations Centre, as well as a biannual joint supervisor meeting designed to share safety innovations/improvements. ƒ ƒ Completed the year with the l owest overall lost time hours and lowest overall hours per occurrence as compared to the past six years.

ƒ ƒ Implemented new digital solutions across the Department including drawing review process, “E-Sign” live electronic contract signature/approval, and acceptance of digitally signed engineering drawings. ƒ ƒ Successfully piloted the use of rapid pipe, acoustic technology to expedite sewer condition assessments to lower inspection costs and improve efficiencies.

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE D2: Attract the best, develop and retain our people

ƒ ƒ Continued to actively complete PDPs for staff, develop Workforce Plans and support the Senior Management Team to establish an updated Competency Framework for implementation in 2020. ƒ ƒ Implemented the YouTestMe training and knowledge examination software to support recruitment testing.



11 Safer City Crossings

Mudbay Foreshore

LAND DEVELOPMENT DIVISION “My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to each of you on the Land Development team for your contributions and accomplishments in 2019 which created housing and business opportunities that help people decide to live, work, develop and invest in Surrey. I look forward to working with you in 2020 on continuing our focus to provide excellent service delivery and experience to our community of clients, citizens, consultants, contractors and colleagues.” ~SAM LAU OPERATIONS DIVISION “Serving a vibrant, richly diverse and sustainably-focused city, Surrey’s Engineering Operations team works every day to deliver the often ‘hidden’ urban infrastructure needs and services to innovatively support the City of the future. Our success lies in the skills, experience, commitment and ingenuity of our strong team who, whether you see it or not, consistently deliver a complex array of essential public services at the foundation of day-to-day life in Surrey. Thank you to all Operations staff for delivering on our 2019 strategic initiatives. Your hard work is at the heart of our community’s well-being and continuity, and to the heath and safety of Surrey residents and visitors.” ~RAY KERR REALTY SERVICES DIVISION “For 2019, the Realty Services Division fully engaged in advancing the City’s social objectives, and with the delivery of property necessary for the multitude of infrastructure and park projects. Realty staff consistently aim high in the delivery of high-quality service to their clients. Realty staff’s philosophy fully supports the City’s great eight competencies and is a team that strives to serve the community and residents with integrity and distinction. My thanks for your excellence in service, your commitment to the City’s values, and your consistent dedication to the residents of the City of Surrey.” ~ NICHOLAS RAWCLIFFE



Surrey Biofuel Facility

RAPID TRANSIT & STRATEGIC PROJECTS “2019 happened in rapid fashion – Our 2019 Work Plan was very ambitious, centered around a series of well established and defined strategic initiatives, and by the end of the year we successfully achieved our work plan and each initiative through excellence in teamwork, collaboration and dedication. Thank you to our team and staff across Engineering and various City Departments on aligning together to achieve a common and unified vision.” ~ SCOTT NEUMAN UTILITIES DIVISION “2019 was a busy year in the Utilities Division and as always staff rose to the meet the challenge. The exceptional work in preparing to apply for the Disaster Mitigation Adaptation Fund (DMAF) bore great results as we received substantial federal government funds. We have already started to implement our DMAF program and are continuing to make our City resilient to coastal flooding. We continue to work hard to provide clean drinking water and sanitary sewer services to a growing bustling city. We dedicated our West Village Energy Centre and continue to provide reliable district energy services to our City Centre residents. In partnership with our youth, we again rehabilitated salmon bearing streams, safeguarding and protecting our natural resources. Thank you – each and every one of you – as your hard work and dedication makes a difference for the City and for our Utilities Division!” ~ YONATAN YOHANNES TRANSPORTATION DIVISION “The transportation landscape is rapidly evolving with transit ridership exploding, new SkyTrain and RapidBus services coming soon and new mobility options fast approaching. Thank you to the whole team for your passion and hard work in planning for this constant change and helping to deliver our shared vision of a multi-modal, safe, inclusive and efficient transportation system that supports Smart Development and quality of life for all. 2019 Awards for Vision Zero Surrey, GIS Excellence and Cycling Infrastructure are recognition of the great and innovative work being done by all of you day in and day out.” ~ JAIME BOAN DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION DIVISION “Thank-you to the Design & Construction team for a successful 2019. We delivered on our key initiatives and the City’s capital infrastructure program which was successful based on your continued passion for delivering complex infrastructure to support our growing and thriving City. We showed our ability to adapt by embracing a culture of continuous improvement and making changes to our processes that allowed us to streamline our service delivery to continue building cost-effective infrastructure in a timely manner. I look forward to our continued success in 2020!” ~ VICTOR JHINGAN



South Surrey Operations Centre



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